[Hit or Miss] SURAN Edition

SURAN & DEAN collaboration is actually happening everyone

The thing is…

I’m still recovering from this deadly LOCO & DEAN collaboration:

Not to mention that GRAY produced this song…ย (bye I’m gone)

2017 is such a year full of blessing for my ears but not quite healthyย for my heart. My favorite singer and artist suddenly collaborating with each other? *I’m definitely not complaining*

But, in all honesty, I actually expect more from SURAN and DEAN collaboration. 1+1=0 is quite fresh I admit that. It gives us a major great summer vibe but, the song is just not for me. I feel like DEAN part in this song is too short and not too impactful? (kudos to him for that rap+singing verse though, it’s cool). The song feel too rush somehow. I can’t help but feel a little dissapointed.

This is not the first time SURAN’s song is a miss for me actually. She has a unique and distinct vocal colors that I love but sometimes, she just singing in a “certain” way that I’m cannot really relate to.

Below is a list of my (hit) favorite SURAN’s song according to my personal taste:

PRIMARY – Mannequin (Feat. Beenzino, Suran)

I really love her voice in this song. I never know I need this in my life before.

ZICO – Pride & Prejudice (Feat. Suran)

A masterpiece to be honest. You should definitely check the life performance for this song also.

SURAN – Step Step (Jealousy Incarnate OST)

A great song for a great drama.

SURAN –ย ๋•ก๋•ก๋•ก (Feat. Hwasa of Mamamoo)

A bop.

So yeah… 1+1=0 is, unfortunately, a miss for me.

I’m still anticipating her future projects nevertheless.

Her voice deserved an appreciation.


I Suddenly Love Pastel

The MV is so aesthetically pleasing. I’m so blessed this April

[In case you’re wondering, I kinda silent about WINNER on this blog but hey… I basically hyping them up to the max on my Twitter account]

April is full of great music. I’m not gonna lie.

I really love the chorus, Zico!

(I’m still screaming at the fact that DEAN also featured -kinda- on this song)

1. Sheโ€™s a Baby
Composed by ZICO, Poptime
Lyrics by ZICO
Arranged by ZICO, Poptime
Chorus by ZICO, Deanfluenza
Guitar by ๋ฐ•๊ธฐํƒœ
Keyboard by ๋ฐ•์ง€์šฉ
Recorded by ์ •์€๊ฒฝ @Ingrid Studio ๋ฐ•์ง€์šฉ @Orange attic room
Mixed by ์‹ ์šฉ์‹ of Stay Tuned @Hannam bling
Mastered by ๊ถŒ๋‚จ์šฐ @JFS Mastering

I just can’t stop watching the MV >o<

(I’m dying at last verse of this song though)

Sheโ€™s a baby, once you get to know her, sheโ€™s a baby
Never gonna leave her alone
Happy happy
Happy happy I really envy your boyfriend

(The boy dead ass have a crush on a girl who got a boyfriend asjalkcjs)

That explain the abrupt end of the song I suppose…

Good job again Zico~~~ (You look great on that bluish hair by the way)

Zikyung Back At It Again

I’m such a sucker for their BFF photos *heavy sighs*

[I don’t know Kyung, you tell me]

I Am You, You Are Me (Literally)

Life is weird…….

Spot The Differences!

Before, it was Jiho who posted his dope BFF photo with Kyung

์žฌํšจํ˜•์ด ์ฐ์–ด์คŒ

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Now, it was Kyung’s turn to posted his fluffy BFF photo with Jiho in Budapest!

You definitely can score the difference right?

(these cuties~)

My Bias Is Showing

์žฌํšจํ˜•์ด ์ฐ์–ด์คŒ

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Yep. For some odd reasons I just love seeing this two together.

Their friendship really amuse me.

I’m a sucker for long last friendship I guess.

The Rise of Kwon-Goblin and Woo Eun Tak

So Block B parodied the huge hit drama “Goblin”ย at their fanmeeting a few days ago.

(Can you hear me crying?)

Minhyuk suits the Grim Reaper character so well. And… Don’t even ask me about Jaehyo! (the guy dead ass became the real goblin).

However, the real deal right here are the small Kwon-Goblin and overly tall Woo Euntak though!

(I’m having a really good laugh today)