The Rise of Kwon-Goblin and Woo Eun Tak

So Block B parodied the huge hit drama “Goblin” at their fanmeeting a few days ago.

(Can you hear me crying?)

Minhyuk suits the Grim Reaper character so well. And… Don’t even ask me about Jaehyo! (the guy dead ass became the real goblin).

However, the real deal right here are the small Kwon-Goblin and overly tall Woo Euntak though!

(I’m having a really good laugh today)


The Abundance of Block B

Despite the absence of promotion on a music show, Yesterday still doing really well on the chart and I’m so happy for Block B&Kyung. Not to mention that they totally spoiled us with so many videos.

Like this one video where they screaming their hearts out singing yesterday

Or this one where they dead ass doing a mannequin challenge (minus PO).

Can you spot Zico closing his mouth or short legs Kyung running around in the video? They such a dork I love.

Or this video where they cooking (tragically) and singing (wonderfully) at the same time?

Or this one when Block B just being Block B


It’s been a long time but Beesubs finally released the English subtitled video of “The Private Life of Block B” Episode 4. Thank you so much Beesubs!!!

So many things to catch up~~~~

Block B feeding us good~

I’m Screaming

PO is me right now:


They legit drop (almost) everything tonight asnjkdnusjfd


I mean look at those striking colors. I’m approved.

(Special shoutout to ZICO&BBOMB who make me craving for Lays in the middle of the night)

(Thuggy TAEIL still look cute to me no matter what)

(Is he even real?)

(Screams intensified)

(Bring it on Kyung!)

(My precious Pyo Jihoon ㅠㅠ This photo of him is my favorite. So pretty, so gorgeous)

Totally cannot for wait for 6’th February

Stay Healthy And Stay Happy Everyone