More About Kyung’s ‘Notebook’

Sadly Looking Out of The Window: Kyung Version. A favorite picture of mine.

Okay… Actually, I low-key ghost wrote this article  below (kidding)

That was a pretty nice and well-said article!

The article exactly summed up my thoughts on Kyung’s latest release.

This last paragraph is 😍😍😍

Fans of Block B and Kyung alike know that, underneath the grease and cheesiness, there’s this genuinely sweet person and that was what Notebook captured. Not only that, Kyung has established a sound for himself. It’s not the in-your-face, rap-heavy style typical of Block B, nor is it that almost too mature sound of Blooming Period. It’s playful and funny, yet completely honest. It makes you feel good inside. It’s great because it’s the essence of a person, the production is solid, and Kyung’s ability to tell stories through his lyrics make this an all around magnificent album worth multiple listens.

Thank you for this nice article Seoul Beats!


That One Friend Who Treasure You A Lot

Have a long lasting friendship you two!

Kyung’s 1st Mini Album Is here!

I’m so happy for him! ><

Hurry up and go purchase his EP on Itunes. And just in case if you haven’t watched the MV for ‘When I’m With You’ here:

Park Kyung + all those aesthetic and pastel colors + ‘Inside Out’ inspired MV = perfect.

My personal favorite from Kyung’s EP is this song called ‘잔상’/’Memories’. Kyung slow rap and Yoon Hyeonsang melodic voice blends really well! Bless everyone who involved in this live performance!

I still can’t believe Taeil rejects this song. The song suits Taeil well I think.

Thank you for blessing us with your beautiful mini album Kyung! This makes miss Block B even more. I hope they will be back soon.

(On the other hand: I’m really happy with the fact that Zico came to Kyung’s Mnet Present last night! Those two are so cute together)

I’m Wailing

Warning: bad grammar ahead

After the huge fuss over “Train To Busan” which is normally not my cup of tea (but it is indeed a great movie by the way). I have been hearing ‘things’ about “The Wailing” and can’t help but feel curious about the movie. But, I finally ended up watching “The Wailing” after saw Hwang Jung Min performance on “Veteran“. I’m really curious about how he can pull off two completely different roles from both of the movies (a cool police officer versus a shaman haha)

곡성 / The Wailing (2016)

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