On Films And Musics And Stars Metaphor

It’s been a while everyone. I wish you guys a great year in 2018!

This particular topic comes to mind after I watched The Greatest Showman (2017) earlier this month.

The film is quite awesome by the way. I’m not a fan of the musical genre in general but The Greatest Showman is an exception. The visuals are great, the dance routines are amazing, and the songs are really good. I really like all the songs on this film and that’s definitely saying something about the film. I don’t understand why critics gave this film a rotten rating on rotten tomatoes though. The film may be predictable at one point but it’s enjoyable and beautiful nevertheless.

The Greatest Showman x
My rating: 4/5

One of the songs featured in the film titled Rewrite The Stars sang by one and only Zac Efron and Zendaya.

It’s a good song (seriously). But, this song reminds of another song from another film that also used stars as a metaphor. To name a few (these two are my favorite):

“City of Stars” from La La Land (2016)

“Lost Stars” from Begin Again (2013)

What am I trying to say is:

Up until now, I think stars metaphor never fail to make a good song. So, I can’t wait to hear another awesome song with stars metaphor on film in the near future.

Have a good day everyone.


Nice One

I’m not really used to Sik-K rap (yet) but Crush is so smooth on this one (how a man managed to appear that smooth literally every time everywhere even is still beyond me).

After doing a small research I found out that Sik-K is part of AOMG team on SMTM 4. I don’t even notice this man since I’m solely put my focused on Mino and Zico on that show. I really can’t stand the evil editing of SMTM. I skip almost everything basically? (how am I gonna watch SMTM 6 for Zico and Dean then? ugh…)

Now, Sik-K is an artist under Jay Park’s new label H1GHR Music. No wonder Loco also promoted Sik-K album on his IG account (TEAM AOMG FTW~~)


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The song is nice by the way (although I’m really sure about Sik-K part -yet-)

I swear I ever hear that “groovy everywhere” sound somewhere and when I come to the realization…. It’s from Block B Bastarz’s “Selfish & Beautiful Girl”

A producer called groovyroom produced both songs above. That “groovy everywhere” sound is his signature(?) sound apparently.

 (I’m so gonna check his other works after this!).


[Hit or Miss] SURAN Edition

SURAN & DEAN collaboration is actually happening everyone

The thing is…

I’m still recovering from this deadly LOCO & DEAN collaboration:

Not to mention that GRAY produced this song… (bye I’m gone)

2017 is such a year full of blessing for my ears but not quite healthy for my heart. My favorite singer and artist suddenly collaborating with each other? *I’m definitely not complaining*

But, in all honesty, I actually expect more from SURAN and DEAN collaboration. 1+1=0 is quite fresh I admit that. It gives us a major great summer vibe but, the song is just not for me. I feel like DEAN part in this song is too short and not too impactful? (kudos to him for that rap+singing verse though, it’s cool). The song feel too rush somehow. I can’t help but feel a little dissapointed.

This is not the first time SURAN’s song is a miss for me actually. She has a unique and distinct vocal colors that I love but sometimes, she just singing in a “certain” way that I’m cannot really relate to.

Below is a list of my (hit) favorite SURAN’s song according to my personal taste:

PRIMARY – Mannequin (Feat. Beenzino, Suran)

I really love her voice in this song. I never know I need this in my life before.

ZICO – Pride & Prejudice (Feat. Suran)

A masterpiece to be honest. You should definitely check the life performance for this song also.

SURAN – Step Step (Jealousy Incarnate OST)

A great song for a great drama.

SURAN – 땡땡땡 (Feat. Hwasa of Mamamoo)

A bop.

So yeah… 1+1=0 is, unfortunately, a miss for me.

I’m still anticipating her future projects nevertheless.

Her voice deserved an appreciation.

Loco Life Is A Movie Shoot

I’m shaking… Like literally… I totally don’t expect him to release anything until 25? Turns out I’m wrong. I’m not complaining though haha

[That strong The Great Gatsby vibe] 

The song is good. For some reasons I just really enjoy Loco’s lazy rap. I’m in love with the visual of this MV too!

I’m in love with the visual of this MV too! I particularly adore this part:

Movie Shoot

The cinematography of this MV really fit the song it’s awesome. I’m so gonna check their other stuffs later (This video produced by DPR visual by the way in case you’re wondering)


I Suddenly Love Pastel

The MV is so aesthetically pleasing. I’m so blessed this April

[In case you’re wondering, I kinda silent about WINNER on this blog but hey… I basically hyping them up to the max on my Twitter account]

April is full of great music. I’m not gonna lie.

I really love the chorus, Zico!

(I’m still screaming at the fact that DEAN also featured -kinda- on this song)

1. She’s a Baby
Composed by ZICO, Poptime
Lyrics by ZICO
Arranged by ZICO, Poptime
Chorus by ZICO, Deanfluenza
Guitar by 박기태
Keyboard by 박지용
Recorded by 정은경 @Ingrid Studio 박지용 @Orange attic room
Mixed by 신용식 of Stay Tuned @Hannam bling
Mastered by 권남우 @JFS Mastering

I just can’t stop watching the MV >o<

(I’m dying at last verse of this song though)

She’s a baby, once you get to know her, she’s a baby
Never gonna leave her alone
Happy happy
Happy happy I really envy your boyfriend

(The boy dead ass have a crush on a girl who got a boyfriend asjalkcjs)

That explain the abrupt end of the song I suppose…

Good job again Zico~~~ (You look great on that bluish hair by the way)

I Got Trouble Sleeping

This is a (poor) attempt at being poetic (sort-of)

Basically just an unnecessary emo-kind-of-rambling at 2 AM, it’s late and all but I’m awake as ever and high on sugar snack so yeah

And yep… I totally took that title from Tablo’s part in Lee Hi’s song Up All Night (밤샘)

[Heck the irony]

These days, my mind is just too loud for my own liking.

It’s really hard to survive the blinding light of the noon and it’s just painfully alone when I swimming through this melancholy in the dark of the night.

I wish all these ugly thoughts (truths) go away but who am I going to fool.

It’s bound to happen but it still hurts like hell nevertheless.

I wish all these pains and scars and wounds would fade away somehow.

Maybe later…

But it will definitely disappear somehow

God, I’m so sick and tired of being sick and tired – Up All Night, Lee Hi Ft.Tablo