“Couple Edition”


Did the creator of this snack low-key discourage a single person to eat this or what?

(I’m not being petty okay, just genuinely curious…)

Okay, maybe this isn’t that DEEP but still…

I can’t help but wonder about why (most) people that I know getting worked up over this “couple” thing. Like, they are so obsessed with finding someone and being sad about the fact that they haven’t found anyone and stay single. I mean… Does being single is a sin?

I hope people can appreciate themselves more.

The one who decided your happiness is yourself after all but still…

I hope you can be happy without the burden of looking for someone just because your society or surrounding (force) ask you to.



I Got Trouble Sleeping

This is aΒ (poor) attempt at being poetic (sort-of)

Basically just an unnecessary emo-kind-of-rambling at 2 AM, it’s late and all but I’m awake as ever and high on sugar snack so yeah

And yep… I totally took that title from Tablo’s part in Lee Hi’s songΒ Up All Night (λ°€μƒ˜)

[Heck the irony]

These days, my mind is just too loud for my own liking.

It’s really hard to survive the blinding light of the noon and it’s just painfully alone when I swimming through this melancholy in the dark of the night.

I wish all these ugly thoughts (truths) go away but who am I going to fool.

It’s bound to happen but it still hurts like hell nevertheless.

I wish all these pains and scars and wounds would fade away somehow.

Maybe later…

But it will definitely disappear somehow

God, I’m so sick and tired of being sick and tired – Up All Night, Lee Hi Ft.Tablo

My (not-so-important) Discovery


I absent-mindedly check my twitter birthday via [ http://mytwitterbirthday.com/ ] after saw this cute (and kinda mind blowing) tweet by okidokicircle on twitter:

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