Hello there!

I still can’t believe that you made it here hahaha

Welcome welcome welcome~~~

This blog is managed by an ordinary full-time pharmacy student and a part time fangirl who start a blog to improve her (tragic) English writing skill and fix her (bad) grammar knowledge. This blog is also a place where she, most likely will post about the most random things (basically this is my writings trashcan okay) that interest her at the moment.

The topics are mostly about my current (Korean) music obsession which is WINNER and BLOCK B (I personally listen to YG artists a lot). And also another random topic like my favorite films etc.

You can shortly call me ‘Far’ by the way.

I’m so sorry that you have to come across this grammatical mess that is my posts >< Hopefully, I’ll rapidly improve my English writing skill in the near future because of this blog~

Thank you for coming over ^^

I hope you enjoy your time here 😉