I Suddenly Love Pastel

The MV is so aesthetically pleasing. I’m so blessed this April

[In case you’re wondering, I kinda silent about WINNER on this blog but hey… I basically hyping them up to the max on my Twitter account]

April is full of great music. I’m not gonna lie.

I really love the chorus, Zico!

(I’m still screaming at the fact that DEAN also featured -kinda- on this song)

1. She’s a Baby
Composed by ZICO, Poptime
Lyrics by ZICO
Arranged by ZICO, Poptime
Chorus by ZICO, Deanfluenza
Guitar by 박기태
Keyboard by 박지용
Recorded by 정은경 @Ingrid Studio 박지용 @Orange attic room
Mixed by 신용식 of Stay Tuned @Hannam bling
Mastered by 권남우 @JFS Mastering

I just can’t stop watching the MV >o<

(I’m dying at last verse of this song though)

She’s a baby, once you get to know her, she’s a baby
Never gonna leave her alone
Happy happy
Happy happy I really envy your boyfriend

(The boy dead ass have a crush on a girl who got a boyfriend asjalkcjs)

That explain the abrupt end of the song I suppose…

Good job again Zico~~~ (You look great on that bluish hair by the way)


“Couple Edition”


Did the creator of this snack low-key discourage a single person to eat this or what?

(I’m not being petty okay, just genuinely curious…)

Okay, maybe this isn’t that DEEP but still…

I can’t help but wonder about why (most) people that I know getting worked up over this “couple” thing. Like, they are so obsessed with finding someone and being sad about the fact that they haven’t found anyone and stay single. I mean… Does being single is a sin?

I hope people can appreciate themselves more.

The one who decided your happiness is yourself after all but still…

I hope you can be happy without the burden of looking for someone just because your society or surrounding (force) ask you to.