[First Impression] Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (2017)

(Dramatroll basically sum up my thought on Do Bong Soon. The girl is definitely on another level).


So, I decided to watch the drama after seeing this gif on twitter:

(Jisoo got moves indeed)

The first two episodes are too cute for my own good. Not that cheesy kind of cute but more like odd kind of cute. I mean… The drama is odd in a really good way. It’s a strange mix of hilarious, not-so-serious but serious drama (what is this even suppose to mean hahaha).

The fact that they arrange such a cute drama with some thriller undertone still amuse me to be honest. (yes, at some point the drama basically escalated from rom-com to thriller really quick)

(That one creepy-Voldemort-like-dude really scared the hell out of me.)

This drama still got a long way to go actually, but it’s first two episodes left a good impression on me.

I totally can’t wait for more.

Please stay awesome Do Bong Soon!!!!






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