On Winner Alleged(?) Comeback

Well, WINNER definitely will be back SOON

(Dancing WINNER for this comeback? I’m more than ready!!!)


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(Long Legs Bros~~~~)

The boys basically throwing hints here and there. Not to mention that they openly shot their latest(?) MV outdoor on LA. The leak pictures/videos are everywhere already.

(And yep, Yoon is blonde for this comeback *screams*)

It’s been a long time coming and I’m more than ready for WINNER!

On the side note:

As someone who doesn’t really like spoilers, I personally haven’t seen anything related to things their shot in LA.

I’ll just wait for the official teaser and screams my head off later.

On another side note:

I’m happy with fact that they really look like they are enjoying their time in LA. Rather than work, they look like they are on vacation or something

톡 쳐서 읏챠~!!!! #젤좋아하는사진 #LA유남규

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