I Love Good Interview

“When there’s a thin line between being loved and hated… that’s when you’re the hottest” – Zico

Full article of Zico’s (great) interview with Dazed (and Confused) Digital here


A Look


When I start to grow interest in a certain artist or group, I personally will surfing my way on the internet to find his/her/their interviews (mostly on magazine) rather than watching meaningless shows or videos. Well, I also admit that many of those shows also offer a good insight on artists or groups but these insights from shows (especially scripted show at that) never gonna beat the insight I get from reading his/her/their interview.

These are my favorite parts from this interview of Zico:

When did you you get to that point where you could look at something hurtful and go, ‘Ah, forget it, I’m over that?’

Zico: (laughs) At one point I realised that (when) people write a negative review, it takes them the process of having to think about it, go online, then write it up. People are spending a part of their lives thinking about me, whether they like me or not. Since that point, I’ve changed. Filling the lives of those who hate you is the success of Zico’s existence. The scariest thing is (if there’s a) lack of interest. The best part is when there’s a thin line between being loved and hated – I guess that’s when you’re the hottest.

Last year, you received a lot of media attention over the revealing of your relationship, and this was something you hadn’t experienced before. Has having gone through that intense scrutiny made you value your privacy even more?

Zico: Of course! Privacy belongs to yourself. Zico definitely should be shared with the world, but Woo Ji-ho is a different story – he has a life. That my private life was put out there was an invasion, but as more people recognise and know me as an artist, then this is a path I have chosen and it’s something I have to accept.


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