Kyung’s 1st Mini Album Is here!

I’m so happy for him! ><

Hurry up and go purchase his EP on Itunes. And just in case if you haven’t watched the MV for ‘When I’m With You’ here:

Park Kyung + all those aesthetic and pastel colors + ‘Inside Out’ inspired MV = perfect.

My personal favorite from Kyung’s EP is this song called ‘잔상’/’Memories’. Kyung slow rap and Yoon Hyeonsang melodic voice blends really well! Bless everyone who involved in this live performance!

I still can’t believe Taeil rejects this song. The song suits Taeil well I think.

Thank you for blessing us with your beautiful mini album Kyung! This makes miss Block B even more. I hope they will be back soon.

(On the other hand: I’m really happy with the fact that Zico came to Kyung’s Mnet Present last night! Those two are so cute together)


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