I’m Wailing

Warning: bad grammar ahead

After the huge fuss over “Train To Busan” which is normally not my cup of tea (but it is indeed a great movie by the way). I have been hearing ‘things’ about “The Wailing” and can’t help but feel curious about the movie. But, I finally ended up watching “The Wailing” after saw Hwang Jung Min performance on “Veteran“. I’m really curious about how he can pull off two completely different roles from both of the movies (a cool police officer versus a shaman haha)

곡성 / The Wailing (2016)

Rather that put this movie on scary horror movies section, the creepy thriller movies section will be more suitable in my opinion. There is no ugly ghost involved in this one. For a movie with a long duration (2 hours 36 minutes), “The Wailing” successfully keep me on the edge of my seat the whole time. This movie is disgusting, confusing, and endearing at the same time (how is that even possible, to be honest).

When you think that you already found out everything about the whole story, the last 15 minutes of the movie throw away all of your assumptions (in another word, “The Wailing” is a whole new ride of twists). There are so many unanswered questions and many interpretations can be depicted from the movie. “The Wailing” left you wondering until the very end.

Despite the so-what-on-earth-is-going-on ending, I really appreciate this movie for their beautiful cinematography. It just oh-so-beautiful (for my standard) and totally support the whole mysterious tone of the movie. The actors and actress also doing a great job in portraying their roles.

This certain part is my personal favorite from the movie:

Il-Gwang: Even among other demons, he’s a master of evil.

Jong-Goo: If that’s true, why did it have to be…

Il-Gwang: …your daughter? What sin did that young girl ever commit?

Jong-Goo: Yes.

Il-Gwang: If you go fishing, do you know what you’ll catch?

Jong-Goo: No.

Il-Gwang: He’s just fishing. Not even he knows what he’ll catch. He just threw out the bait, and your daughter took it.

In case you finished the movie and looking for some sort of explanation of what is actually going on, this video maybe helps you a little (SPOILER ALERT):

Or this interpretation (also spoiler alert):


For some reasons, I believe that there is no fix explanation for this movie. The ending is just so open and there are so many things left unanswered.

“The Wailing” is definitely not everyone cups of tea but I enjoyed its strange premise nevertheless.


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