I’m Screaming

PO is me right now:


They legit drop (almost) everything tonight asnjkdnusjfd


I mean look at those striking colors. I’m approved.

(Special shoutout to ZICO&BBOMB who make me craving for Lays in the middle of the night)

(Thuggy TAEIL still look cute to me no matter what)

(Is he even real?)

(Screams intensified)

(Bring it on Kyung!)

(My precious Pyo Jihoon ㅠㅠ This photo of him is my favorite. So pretty, so gorgeous)

Totally cannot for wait for 6’th February


Stay Strong Pyo Jihoon

My deepest condolence to PO and his family.

May his mother rest in peace.

Stay Healthy And Stay Happy Everyone

Guess Who’s Back?

Definitely not WINNER 💀💀💀💀

It’s Block B

Not exactly a grand comeback with an album but hey! They comeback (all seven of them) with a song for fans (after all these solo releases) and the song is compose by no other than Park Kyung! *YEAH* I’m more than ready.

More About Kyung’s ‘Notebook’

Sadly Looking Out of The Window: Kyung Version. A favorite picture of mine.

Okay… Actually, I low-key ghost wrote this article  below (kidding)


That was a pretty nice and well-said article!

The article exactly summed up my thoughts on Kyung’s latest release.

This last paragraph is 😍😍😍

Fans of Block B and Kyung alike know that, underneath the grease and cheesiness, there’s this genuinely sweet person and that was what Notebook captured. Not only that, Kyung has established a sound for himself. It’s not the in-your-face, rap-heavy style typical of Block B, nor is it that almost too mature sound of Blooming Period. It’s playful and funny, yet completely honest. It makes you feel good inside. It’s great because it’s the essence of a person, the production is solid, and Kyung’s ability to tell stories through his lyrics make this an all around magnificent album worth multiple listens.

Thank you for this nice article Seoul Beats!