On Black Panther (2018)

Guess who’s seeing Black Panther (again) next week?

It’s a good film everyone. You guys should watch it like right now!

Following the events of Captain America: Civil War (2016) T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) finally made his way back home to Wakanda, a highly advanced nation disguised as a third world country on the outside. After the death of his father, T’Challa ought to claim his place at the throne as the King of Wakanda and the protector of the nation, Black Panther.

There’s no quiet moment for the newly appointed king apparently. T’Challa must immediately fly out of Wakanda again for an important mission when an artifact made of Vibranium was (that is only available on Wakanda) stolen from National British Museum by a crazy man known as Ulysses Klaue. Klaue has this notorious reputation as an outsider that managed to stole Vibranium directly from Wakanda a few years ago.

When an unpredictable enemy appears and threatens T’Challa position on the throne, T’Challa must give his all to protect the nation that he leads and the world in general. Black Panther portrays T’Challa beginning as the new King of Wakanda and his awesomeness as the Black Panther.

I really have a good time watching this. I don’t even know a thing about directing but, it is a pretty well-directed film in my opinion. Every character is well-acted, the film also comes with a perfect score which really suits the overall tone. The action sequences are cool too. We can also find a few LOL moments along the film it’s nice seriously. And of course, who on earth doesn’t love that Wakanda fashion?

It’s been awhile honestly since Marvel has a good villain.

Black Panther indeed deserved that critically acclaimed status.


Black Panther (2018) 3
My Rating: 5/5

On 12 Strong (2018)

12 Strong is a tribute film for a group of real soldiers that were sent to Afganistan immediately after 9/11 attacks to World Trade Center in 2001. People claim that the film story is a declassified true story of the horse soldiers. It’s base on a non-fiction book by an American journalist, Doug Stanton.

Just like any other war film, 12 Strong is full of war violence like gun shoot, blood, and explosions. This film manages to come out with a nicely shoot action sequences and a great performance from their cast.

Chris Hemsworth plays a character of Mitch Nelson, a young leader of special forces team that never really have an experience in real wars but sent to Afghanistan immediately after 9/11 attacks. The main reason of why this story is quite amazing is the fact that these twelve soldiers and a few hundred Afghan tribal warriors had to face fifty thousand Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters, facing off tanks and artillery on horseback.

Unfortunately, it feels like something is missing from the film. It’s that kind of film that is good but not that great really. Borrowing from what critics say, 12 Strong somehow lack in depth. I quite agree with the critic’s consensus on Rotten Tomatoes:

“12 Strong has a solid cast, honorable intentions, and a thrilling, fact-based story – all of which are occasionally enough to balance a disappointing lack of depth or nuance.”

In a more deliberate note by this far fluent film reviewer in IMDb:

“With all of this being said, this film leaves me with the same feeling that World Trade Center (2006) did. Both of these films portray events and people under extraordinary circumstances accurately, more or less, but it just feels like those involved in both films were just going through the motions, trying to replicate feelings around events that may never be able to be truly replicated.”

12 Strong (2018)
My Rating: 3/5

On God’s Own Country (2017)

aka a British retelling version of the legendary 2005 film Brokeback Mountain.

In some aspect, this film indeed reminds me of Brokeback Mountain a lot. The story starts with 2 men stuck together and doing farm-related-works in someplace far away. Things somehow escalated quickly after that.

At first Johnny Saxby (Josh O’Connor) is a really terrible character. It’s hard to feel sympathetic towards him. He’s gloomy and angry all the time. In the middle of the film, the audience will realize that this attitude comes from Johnny frustration of his lonely life. Because of his father condition, Johnny must tend their small farm alone every day. This man buries his frustration by drinking all night long and engaging in a casual sexual encounter.

When a Romanian migrant worker, Gheorge (Alec Secareanu), help with lambing season at the farm Johnny starts to see his life in a different light. Instead of becoming really sad and melodramatic like Brokeback Mountain, God’s Own Country remain hopeful until the end. Just like what Rotten Tomatoes consensus said about this film:

“A quiet, moving rumination on loneliness and newfound intimacy, God’s Own Country marks an outstanding directorial debut for Francis Lee.”

It’s a really nice film about human relationship.
I really love this film for its stunning cinematography too.

My Rating: 4/5

On Maze Runner: The Death Cure (2018)

The very first film adaptation of The Maze Runner Trilogy by James Dasher is release in 2014. It’s still hard to believe that I already watched the last film installment of the series earlier this week.

It still fresh in my mind how I really adored this series back then. I have no idea why but when the second installment came out in 2015 I somehow lost all of my interest in the whole franchise (despite the fact that I quite enjoy the novel as the source material of the film). The whole Maze Runner franchise is basically a prime example of how-adaptation-goes-sadly-wrong.

After the first (and probably the most decent film in the series) installment, The Maze Runner lost its momentum and ended up producing sequels that low in standard compared to its predecessor.

Now, when the last film is out it feels pretty underwhelming and not satisfying for the conclusion of a series. I actually can quite accept that ending in the book. But, there are so many things lost in the film and I don’t know what to fell and it’s a pity seriously.

This franchise can become so much more but it doesn’t.


Death Cure
My Rating: 3/5


On Baby Driver (2017)

A film that quite successfully combines intense action sequences and great pieces of music in one package (despite its quite predictable story anyway).

Here comes to you: Baby Driver (2017)

Baby (Ansel Ergot) is your typical handsome movie protagonist. Despite his quite cringy name, Baby is a skilled driver and one hell of music lover. Behind his seemingly perfect appearance, Baby has one minor flaw: he suffered from Tinnitus. Baby sustain this disorder after involved in a car accident when he was a little boy. His habit of listening to the music non-stop somehow help Baby get through this unfortunate condition.

After somehow owe some debt to Doc (Kevin Spacey) because of things that he did in the past, Doc used Baby mad driving skills to his own advantages. Baby becomes a getaway driver for various crime lead by Doc. Baby can’t really get away from the world of crime after that.

Things become complicated when Deborah (Lily James), a diner waitress that Baby in love with comes into the picture. After his last heist ended in a great mess, Baby must run for his life and Deborah’s. Will these two lovers come to a happy end?

Baby Driver is definitely not a groundbreaking film. It’s still enjoyable nonetheless. The fact that they managed to synchronize the film action sequences and the film score is totally note-worthy and quite admirable. I also adored the film for its stunning visual.

If you looking for a film with great music and overall make you feel good, Baby Driver is a film for you.

Baby Driver xx
My Rating: 3/5

On Logan Lucky (2017)

Oh my god, it’s been awhile since the last time I watched a great heist film. If you love a smart heist film and a laugh-out-loud comedy you certainly need to watch this.

Meet the Logans: a family consists of three siblings who about to shook the nation with their iconic heist scheme at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Jimmy Logan (Channing Tatum) is a father and a divorcee who just got fired after having his “liability issue” exposed at work. Out of desperation for money, Jimmy makes a throughout plan to rob Charlotte Motor Speedway that hold a big event of car race game. Along with his brother, Clyde Logan (Adam Driver), a one-arm-man who works as a bartender and his hairstylist sister, Millie Logan (Riley Keough), Jimmy will also team up with Bangs siblings lead by Joe Bang (Daniel Craig) to executed his ambitious heist scheme.

Jimmy’s plan involving a lot of law-breaking (obviously). From prison breakaway to car speeding, a lot of explosions also happened in the film. Thankfully, no shooting takes place in 2 hours of this film. Logan Lucky is oddly a quite clean film from start to finish (despite the dirty deeds that these people do of course).

Aside from admired the film for its exciting heist premise, I also adored Logan Lucky for its great ensemble casts. That twist at the end is honest to god made me laugh out loud. I also scream at THAT ending scene because I see it coming and it’s nice to know that my prediction is right.

Logan Lucky is also a comedic field so don’t worry and be happy everyone. My favorite comedic moment is that scene during prison riot when they quarrel over “Game of Thrones”.

You’re not going to waste your time watching this.

Man, that satisfaction you felt after watched a great heist film.

My rating: 5/5

On Get Out (2017)

It starts with this Honest Trailer video:

As a long-time subscriber of screenjunkies Youtube channel, I’m quite curious about this particular Honest Trailer video. I have been hearing good things about “Get Out” for a while actually. But, this video is the main reason why I decided to give this film a go.

Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) is an African American man who works as a photographer. After dated his white American girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams), Rose invited Chris to her house over the weekend to introduced Chris to her family. And of course, everything is basically going downhill from there.

At first, Chris takes Rose’s family odd behavior as an attempt to deal with the fact that Rose dated a Black Man (and never bother to mention it to them). When everything keeps getting weirder, Chris finally forced to deal with an unexpected revelation about the family. It’s a terrifyingly unforgettable weekend getaway at Chris’s end.

My thoughts? The film is nicely done and quite enjoyable honestly. Even though at one point I found myself thinking “What? That’s it?” the film manages to pick up its pace again and become quite shocking at the end when everything truly unfolds.

It definitely deserved the hype. I also admire this film for it’s ironic and realistic portrayal of an urgent issue that still lurking around in our society today.

(The amount of symbolism and hidden meaning during the film is no joke. I love it)

Get Out (2017) ---
My rating: 4/5